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Luc Vanlaere Yves Leterme Luna Piena Damme Wim Deprez Witruimte
The serene & peaceful music that is playing on the background is made by Luc Vanlaere (CD "EBB TIDE").
He plays his own written
Calligraphy and art : a must-see ! A restaurant that brings a deeper meaning to the word enjoyable on a historical spot.
(Luna Piena Damme)
The artist Wim Deprez makes huge
wall paintings and 'trompe l'oeils' at your house and on the walls. You can see breathtaking realized works of him
on this site.
About learning calligraphy
and more ...
creaties Marie-Claire Desmedt Kris Vercruysse Huis Demeester Klein Begin Boekencafe Inzicht
My friend and artist Marie-Claire Desmedt. She has a catchy way of thinking that reflects mystery in her work A friend and great artist
with a unique way of creating portraits.
Do visit this site ... A very relaxing experience and
evening-filling restaurant.
A special concept in Bruges: a bookstore where you can have a drink in a very serene atmosphere. Lieve Blondelle, your host, recites poetry at special occasions