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Art in all his forms and shapes has interested her since her childhood, that is why she chose to go to the Art-school. Still passionate about it and still like to learn new things and ways so that she can enrich her personal work.

Since a couple of years she began to work with clay to create letters, a different way of working with letters has given her a different and very original way of making letters and brought a complete turn in her work. Working with clay has shown that allthough the possibilities of calligraphy are endless, working with clay is too. The combination of both has given her a strong feeling of knowledge and because of her rich experience she discovered how unbelievably rich and neverending the world of personal calligraphy can be. Things change and develope but the red line in her work is obvious: letters,she keeps making combinations of philosophical thoughts, letters and letterforms, and keeps on searching different and original ways to combine styles and media to give life to her thoughts and ideas. Being passionate about things that already lived their life, she tries to reflect that ‘gone-by-glory’ in her work, giving it his own story and his own life to live. In her open studio and expo simbolik‘ you will find a togetherness of letters, quotes, personal thoughts and calligraphy.
Are you interested, you can always make an appointment, to visit her and get more information. Here you can see how you can bring a personal touch in your interior by integrating your own thoughts written in calligraphy. In fact, everything is brought together in a warm and personal atmosphere. You can see some examples of painting-techniques enriched with handpainted calligraphic texts, that way you get to see what is possible to accomplish for her in your home. You will find a mix of handwritten texts, handmade paper and books for photographs, a big variety of handwritten work, frames, . . . “I’m always searching to find special decoration who sometimes invite me to write a words or sentences that enrich the piece. Sometimes they are antique or old, sometimes new pieces with an old character, usually I immediately come up with a line that gives the piece that something more, that personal touch. I always think of something else, that way each piece stays unique. Every piece has his story and is part of the whole atmosphere that you will breathe in. A Must for people who are interested in personal thoughts, calligraphy and art. You can also ask her to write your poem or quote on canvas or paper or on your living room-wall, in your restaurant or business.